F4 Plus

The 8K VR 360° camera

F4 Plus

Professional Grade VR Camera

The F4 Plus is a professional grade 8K panoramic VR camera that can capture 360° content and broadcast live footage at 8K resolution (7680 x 3840 pixels).

Content is captured using four 200° fisheye lenses coupled with Sony professional sensors. The content recorded by each camera is then stitched together by the DetuStitch software to create stunning images and videos. The F4 Plus is a professional 8K 360 camera at an affordable price.

For post production with the F4 Plus, we recommend our very own ACME GO and ACME RACK.

Anytime. Anywhere.

Interior Decoration


News Media

Tourist Attractions

Perfect for professionals

Create stunning images and videos with the F4 Plus. With the powerful Sony sensors and four 200° fisheye, shoot high quality content in all conditions.

7680 * 3840 @ 30fps 8K Resolution
F2.2 Large Aperture
1 / 2.3 inch Professional Sony Sensor

Long-lasting battery life

With a removable battery, you can now quickly replace the battery to continue shooting. The new charging base can support two batteries at one time.

Charging base is an additional cost accessory.

Panoramic live streaming

The F4 Plus supports live streaming from both a wired and wi-fi connection, allowing greater stability and data transmission whilst live streaming.


Internal cooling system

An anodized aviation aluminum structure and new cooling outlets allows the F4 Plus to remain cool for long periods of time, ensuring stable performance whilst shooting.

Tech Specs


185 x 105 x 105mm

Panorama video specification

7680 x 3840 @ 30fps



Battery capacity


Photo format


Battery length

2 hours

Video format


Charging time

3 hours

Video coding


Power adapter

12V / 5A

Panorama photo specification



Micro SD card x 4 (supports 16GB to 128GB and per card)

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